Review the commonly asked questions below! If you still have a question not answered below, please contact the IPI Canteen at 515-725-8712.

  • What if I enter the Institution or Inmate Number incorrectly?
    IPI reviews orders against daily institution rosters and numbers. We catch most errors and will contact you if we can't determine the proper inmate and location.

  • What happens if the inmate changes institutions before the bags are delivered?
    IPI receives daily institution rosters and will update your order accordingly. 

  • What happens if the inmate is released before the bags are delivered?
    IPI will refund any orders that are not able to be delivered after bags are delivered.

  • Why can I only buy 1 (one) bag on an order?
    For tracking purposes, this has been determined to be the best method to receive orders and helps keep the orders per inmate within the guidelines of the institution. You are allowed to place multiple orders on the IPI website.

  • How many gift packages can an inmate receive?
    The Anamosa State Penitentiary and the Iowa State Penitentiary have limits of two (2) gift packages per inmate. All other institutions have a three (3) package per inmate. 

  • Why did the Institution deny my order for an inmate?
    Each institution has the final decision of who may receive gift packages and how many. Typically the institutions limit the gift packages to three per inmate. Further questions should be directed to the institution.

  • Why is the order deadline so far before Christmas?
    Nearly all items in the gift packages are special order items for the packages; the early deadline allows us time to order and receive the proper amount of products to fill the bags.

  • My credit card keeps getting denied. Is there another way to place an order?
    No, orders are only accepted via the IPI website using a credit card.

  • Does IPI accept credit cards from outside the United States?
    No, IPI only accepts credit cards with billing addresses within the US.

  • I do not have a credit card, how can I place an order?
    IPI does accept prepaid MC / Visa cards if an address has been placed on-file with the card.